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Flexibility is the key to our manufacturing


We produce a variety of cables and wires catering to a diverse user base. Our products have the requisite approvals and meet specified standards.

The list below is only indicative and not exhaustive by any means. In addition to these cables we can also manufacture cables to your special specifications.
Do get in touch with us for more details and technical parameters.

We provide automotive wires and cables that move the world, from primary wires and battery starter cables to sensor cables and ABS cables.

We manufacture premium quality power cables, Cu / Al Heavy Duty / Flexible / Armoured / Unarmoured / PVC / XLPE / FRPE / LS0H cables.

Our products fulfil wire and cable requirements of the electronics, sound and security marketplaces. We offer communications cables, hook-up wires, coaxial cables, microphone cables, computer cables and specially designed cables and wires for security systems, fire alarms and audio/video.

From power cables to instrumentation & control cables, Bhansali provides you with premier quality as per BS, BIS, IEC, AS/NZS and 300V and 600V instrumentation cables for all your applications. Offering the widest range of jacketing and insulating materials in the industry, our standard options include Elastomer, XLPE, EPR and PVC, shielded/un-shielded.

Bhansali offers military qualified wires and cables. We have a long and distinguished record of involvement in high-priority defence programs. Spanning all branches of the Armed Forces, Bhansali cables provide the “ultimate in protection” for power, control, signal and communications cabling solutions.

From instrumentation and thermo-couple cables to industrial-grade power cables for mining applications, Bhansali is the one source for a range of cable constructions and engineered cabling solutions.

Oil, Gas & Petrochemical
Bhansali manufactures industry standard performance cables for power, control and instrumentation cable in the hydrocarbon energy sector.

Bhansali’s broad range of industry-standard outside plant wires and cable products ensure reliable, cost-effective performance. We provide air core, filled core and specialty wire products for aerial, buried and duct applications and various coaxial cables in 50/75/120/150 ohms. We also offer Digital Distribution Frame (DDF) with all accessories including RG/PCM cables, wire harness for PIU for GSM and CDMA cell sites. We cover almost all interconnect cables and cable assemblies for CDMA, GSM, broadband, WiMAX and power conditioning equipment.

Transport (Air, Metro and Rail, Marine)
We offer a variety of transit cables with engineering innovation including low-smoke and zero-halogen options.

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