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Flexibility is the key to our manufacturing


What began over sixty years ago as a manufacturing unit for Zari, a type of thread made of fine gold or silver wire woven into fabrics, has metamorphosised into a group of companies that produce a most comprehensive range of cables and wires covering diverse segments.

Bhansali Cables & Conductors Pvt Ltd., was founded in 1987 as a ‘boutique’ cable manufacturer. Today, the company’s manufacturing facilities in Bhiwadi, near the national capital Delhi, produce a variety of specialised and custom-made cables and telecom products.

Our growth has been steady with our only ambition being to stay ahead to service our customers to their delight.


The Bhansali philosophy is simple: we will deliver, whatever required, where required, when required to the best of our abilities.

We strive hard to produce quality products and continuous R&D efforts help us to keep ahead of the curve.

We learn from our failures and do not give up in the face of any hurdle be it in business or technology.

We do not compromise on matters of ethics and believe that relationships are more important than mere transactions.

In all that we do, our focus remains squarely on just one thing: our customer.


The advantage of working with Bhansali is that you enjoy the benefits of a large manufacturer with the plusses of a small organisation.

We are big enough to ensure best practices, right resources and business experience. Yet, we are small enough in terms of our client focus, entrepreneurial thinking and manufacturing flexibility.

Nothing is too small for us to overlook and there is hardly anything that is too large for us to handle.

So, choose Bhansali. You will really be the winner with our quality.

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